Now, Just who in the fuck are we?

A group of musicians.. In a band. We each have names. That dude on the left, That's Carson.. The buddy on the right is Brad. And your pal Ludo is in the middle.  

This is a story about us..

Life, it's funny. It brought the 3 of us together.. Then it brought some other people in. Then some more people. Soon, we were a gaggle of people. A battle to the death was arranged, man on man, woman on man, woman on woman. Death, destruction, mayhem, and general Tom Foolery was about. Slevyn is all that remains of that group. So yeah, that's a story about us. It's uh, not that good eh?  

Our sound

A little bit of grunge, rock, soul, and some blistering harmonies. With a gritty sound and soaring vocals, supported by the heart pounding drive of bass and drums. You won't know if you should mosh or find someone to slow dance with. 

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Listen To Us Make Noise Type Sounds

Jack and Jill, reocrded at Pineapple sound in Langley BC.  

Carson- Vocals, Guitar




Upcoming Shows

January 5 2018 - Vancouver, BC

Live acoustic set on CITR radio on the UBC campus in Vancouver, BC. 

101.9 FM or online at

January 12 2018 - Surrey, BC

The Flamingo,  10768 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC

March 30 2018 - Edmonton, AB

Rendezvous Pub,  10108 149 St NW, Edmonton, AB

April 1 2018 - Calgary, AB

Distortion Music Venue -  3828 Macleod Trail, Calgary, AB

April 13 2018 - Edmonton, AB

Rendezvous Pub,  10108 149 St NW, Edmonton, AB